Warner Home Video Chat on HTF

The Executives at Warner Home Video participated in a on-line chat over at The Home Theater Forum and some of the questions where about the upcomming Blade Runner: Special Edition release that will be out sometime 2007 on DVD, Blue-Ray and HD-DVD..
Here are the Blade Runner hi-lights of the chat, the full transcript can be found here.
[NickH] Any news on the big Blade Runner SE (i.e. release date, contents, etc)?
[WARNER] The Tyrell Corporation is furiously working away on a release to knock your socks off before the holiday season. The contents are still being formulated. All the different iterations of the film will be available, including the new FINAL CUT.
We think you’ll be very pleased, and it will have been worth the wait!

[Chris_Stevens] Any plans to revisit some of your Harrison Ford titles? Fingers crossed for The Mosquito Coast. Thanks!
[WARNER] Given all our activity around BLADE RUNNER, which is one of our biggest, if not the biggest event of this year for our group, we have discussed various ideas to maximize the large catalog of Mr. Ford’s films which we control. We’ll let you know soon.

[JeremyG] Thank you for the chat. Will there be a multi-disc HD set for Blade Runner? Or will HD buyers get only one version, like the Superman: The Movie HD edition? Looking forward to more HD titles this year…any hints as to titles to be announced soon (Harry Potter perhaps…)?
[WARNER] There will be a lot more HD product announced (HD-DVD and Blu Ray Disc) by us in the next few weeks. We hope you’ll be pleased. It is our intention to have the BLADE RUNNER releases all contain the same content, regardless of format.

So, we will hopefully see the new Blade Runner: Special Edition this year before the holiday season and it will contain the same extras on all the releases.

Source: The Home Theater Forum