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Blade Runner: The Final Cut in U.K Cinemas (with new trailer)


The British Film Institute will have Blade Runner: The Final Cut in some cinemas in the UK during April, May, June and July and they also made a brand new trailer that is really good,



“This new trailer captures the essence of the film and I hope will inspire a new generation to see Blade Runner” – Ridley Scott


For the dates and where you can see Blade Runner on the big screen, check out BFI’s page about the upcoming screenings

More on Blade Runner: 30th Anniversary Edition


So, more news about the 30’th Anniversary Edition of Blade Runner which will be released as a Blu-ray/DVD/UltraViolet Digital Copy combo pack on October 23’rd 2012. Much of what’s included comes from massive “The Final Cut” Ultimate Collectors Edition package that was release five years ago but there are some new items included for us die-hard fan’s.



New contents and collectibles:

  • A new concept spinner
  • A action lenticular will also be included (and from what I’ve heard this will not be the same as in the previous Ultimate Collectors Edition)
  • a 72 page digibook with never before seen photos from the sets, sketches made by Ridley Scott and poster art.
  • A disc with more than 1ooo photos and more.


The “Dangerous Days” documentury will be included both on DVD & Blu-Ray (So, now it’s finally released in High-Def). The 1982 theatrical & European releases will as before be included, together with the 1992 Directors Cut (branched together on one disc, as before). The workprint will also be included in this 30’th anniversary edition and the same thing goes for all of the other extras that could be found in the Ultimate Collectors Edition.


So, to sum it up. The new items will be the 72 page book, the new concept spinner, “Dangerous Days” documentary on Blu-Ray and the old extras from The Final Cut put together on one disc.


So, what are you waiting for.. You can pre-order this at right away


There will be a lighter 30’th Anniversary Collector’s edition released too (without all of the new collectible items) and the Digibook will only consists of  36 pages. If that’s what you want then you can pre-order that one from as well

Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition


Blade Runner was released 30 years ago and that calls for an anniversary edition which is a 4-Disc Blu-ray / DVD +UltraViolet Digital Copy Combo Pack


You can pre-order your copy from and support this website at the same time!

Briefcase with Blu-Ray re-release in Europe


On the 18’th of November Warner Bros. will re-release BLADE RUNNER: ULTIMATE COLLECTOR’S EDITION (5-DISC) briefcase in Europe, this time with the movie contents (Not the extra material as far as I know) on Blu-Ray in Full High Defenition.

So, if youre looking for the briefcase with all of the contents on regular DVD’s then this re-release is not for you. The spanish website reports that this release will be identical with the old release and that it will have some of it’s contents in High Definition.

It uncertain in which European countries this Ultimate Edition will be re-released, if you want to be sure to get a copy of this edition you might have to import one from Spain which Im 100% sure of will be one of the countries that will get this release.


Final Cut @ Biograf Victoria (Stockholm) in August


Blade Runner: The Final Cut will shown on the big screen at Biograf Victoria in Stockholm, Sweden on Monday 8’th of August and according to this article it will be distributed all over Sweden if the screening will turn out to be a success, there’s another article here about the upcomming screening of The Final Cut.

This is the second time Blade Runner: The Final Cut will be shown in a cinema in Sweden, The Final Cut was first shown on the 23’rd of November 2007 during the Stockholm Film Festival and now the one and only print of The Final Cut will be shown again on the big screen (and with some luck, it will be distributed to the rest of the Swedish cinemas).

So, if you live in Stockholm (or nearby) take this chance and see The Final Cut on the big screen and make the screening turn into a success so that the movie will be distributed to the rest of the cinamas in Sweden !!

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