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Final Cut @ Biograf Victoria (Stockholm) in August


Blade Runner: The Final Cut will shown on the big screen at Biograf Victoria in Stockholm, Sweden on Monday 8’th of August and according to this article it will be distributed all over Sweden if the screening will turn out to be a success, there’s another article here about the upcomming screening of The Final Cut.

This is the second time Blade Runner: The Final Cut will be shown in a cinema in Sweden, The Final Cut was first shown on the 23’rd of November 2007 during the Stockholm Film Festival and now the one and only print of The Final Cut will be shown again on the big screen (and with some luck, it will be distributed to the rest of the Swedish cinemas).

So, if you live in Stockholm (or nearby) take this chance and see The Final Cut on the big screen and make the screening turn into a success so that the movie will be distributed to the rest of the cinamas in Sweden !!

Blade Runner: Final Cut (All Versions) Review


The Digital Bits have a complete review of everything included in the five disc version of Blade Runner: The Final Cut. Very good reading and it makes me go even more eager to get my hands upon what’s comming to me early 2008.

You can read the review here

Source: The Digital Bits: Blade Runner Final Cut Review

Official Blade Runner site update


Warner Bros. Official Blade Runner Website has been updated with movie clips from “Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner” and many other clips for you to enjoy. You can also now find the dates and locations if you want to know where “BR:TFC” (Blade Runner: The Final Cut) will be showing at the cinema (hopefully near you).

You can also find new desktop backgrounds, images and there’s also a new chapter from Paul M. Sammon in the history section, you can either read it online or download this chapter as a PDF document

Click to open the official website in a new browser window

Upcomming screenings in US


The Digital Bits have found the schedule for the upcomming screenings of Blade Runner: The Final Cut at The official FC website. I just visited and found nothing (It’s a very hard site to browse around in IMHO). Some of the screenings are expected to be in 2K resolution digital projection where available, information on where you can catch such a screening is to be found below.

Blade Runner: The Final Cut Cinema Screenings – USA
Date Location
10/26 Seattle (Cinerama, Seattle – 35mm)
Washington D.C. (Uptown, D.C. – 35mm)
Portland (Cinema 21, Portland – 35mm)
Salt Lake (Gateway Megaplex, SLC – Digital)
11/2 Chicago (Music Box, Chicago – 35mm)
Santa Barbara (Arlington, Santa Barbara – Digital)
Baltimore (Landmark Harbor East, Baltimore – Digital)
11/9 Boston (Coolidge Corner, Brookline – 35mm)
11/16 Detroit (Main Art, Detroit – 35mm)
11/18 Austin (Paramount, Austin – 35mm)
11/30 San Francisco (Embarcadero, San Francisco – 35mm)
Dallas (The Inwood, Dallas – 35mm)
Minneapolis (Uptown, Minneapolis – 35mm)
12/7 Denver (The Landmark @ Greenwood Village – Digital)
Philadelphia (The Ritz 5, Philadelphia – 35mm)
12/25 Boston (The Brattle, Cambridge – 35mm)
1/2’08 Austin (The Paramount, Austin – 35mm)
1/4’08 Nashville (The Belcourt, Nashville – 35mm)
1/18’08 Durham (Carolina, Durham – 35mm)
2/1’08 Columbus (Drexel Gateway, Columbus – 35mm)
2/15’08 San Francisco (Castro, San Francisco – 35mm)
2/29’08 Sacramento (Crest, Sacramento – 35mm)

For new dates or changes, visit The official website or check the local listings.

Source: The Digital Bits

More European (R2) Collectors edition (5-disc)


Alejandro Espinar from Spain was kind enough to send me an email with some information on the European (R2) Collectors Edition (Yes, the 5-disc set) of Blade Runner: The Final Cut that is to be found on It seems like there will be a release with the briefcase and for the first time it will also be dubbed into Spanish. Besides the Spanish dubbed version this seems exactly as the same release as in USA.

Release date is set to 11’th of December 2007 and the recommended price is 60 Euro

I hope that this European release will be the same in all the European countries.

Source: Alejandro Espinar, ZonaDVD

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