2 Disc Blade Runner release on the horizon ?

The rumor mill over at The Digital Bits has some good and some bad news on what’s happening to the Blade Runner : Special Edition. Here’s the latest..
“Here’s some good news and bad news all at once. Sources are telling us that Warner is FINALLY at work once again on a Blade Runner: Special Edition. That’s the good news. The bad news is that instead of the 3 or 4-disc ultimate edition we all hoped for (featuring all the different versions of the film), the title is now likely to be one of the studio’s 2-disc editions, featuring only the recent “director’s cut” version of the film (remastered from a new HD transfer), the Channel 4 On the Edge of Blade Runner documentary and perhaps a few other odds and ends. Look for it sometime in the first half of 2005″
So, atleast after years of waiting Warner seems to go their own way in the battle with rumoured battle with Jerry “Pennochio” Perenchio and finally release a decent and spiced up version of Blade Runner: Directors Cut.
Source: The Digital Bits Rumor Mill