The Blade Runner Chronicles

Received an email from Ryan Workman (HindSight Films) whom told me that he together with Noeland Collins (Stranger Films) are producing a set of fan films based in the Blade Runner world. They will produce atleast 6 fifteen minute films. Some will tie together and some stand alone episodes.
Here’s some of what he has to say..

The series is live action with plenty of CGI work. Some shots will be all CGI, some with be enhanced through digital effects wizardry! The lovely thing about Blade Runner is the visuals, and we’re busting our humps to make the visuals intense, textured, and dynamic. The moods the lighting can invoke, and the dark and gritty presence of the city and the characters are all very important to us. The themes that were central to the feature film are there, but we do not want to retell the same story either.
Instead of Los Angeles, it takes place in MetroTampa: 2019. The plot is basically this: Two Blade Runners working on an important case have an inspector from internal affairs following them around. They have to justify the way they handle the replicant problem, and justify their own jobs…. That’s about all the plot I can give away without ruining the story. There are several other plot lines and they are all interesting.
We’re trying to make the stories live in the Blade Runner world without being the same stories already told, and without retreading the same themes touched upon in the film, and the books. The series will have a dedicated website fairly soon, where you’ll be able to view the episodes once completed, and also check out behind the scenes video, and TONS of photos, artwork, storyboards and the like.
Update – 3/9’04

The series is going to be 10 15 minute long episodes, and they are one long interconnected story, no more stand alone episodes
Download a teaser trailer from the “Blade Runner Chronicles”

Source: Email