Deckard Action Figure

While browsing the web I found this cool thing. It’s an Deckard action figure. A company named Pacifit Collection has the Deckard action figure in stock and this is what the Pacifit Collection’s webpage said about the action figure.
1:6 Blade Runner By Sol Models. Scale : 1/6
This exquisitely detailed figurine depicting Blade Runner character from the hit movie starring Harrison Ford. This excellent figure is ready to be made the centerpiece of any collection. Whether a long time enthusiast looking for something to make your collection complete or just starting out this piece will give you a lot of enjoyment. This is a kitset made from high quality soft vinyl.
The action figure costs $29.80 and if you’re interested in getting one then this page is where you want to go. Information about the Pacific Collection can be found on their homepage.

Source: Pacific Collection