How much of Blade Runner has come true?

One of the mailinglist members sent me this, BBC News Online has an article that tells us just how near the future of Blade Runner we really are. With the technology we have today, including the capabilities to produce DNA cloned animals we are getting there. This article might get some of us thinking that we already have gone to far, this webmaster belives that there is no stopping technology and our advancements when it comes to modern science.
Quote from the article:

Although set in 2019, the film deals with issues and problems familiar to us today, says Ed Lawrenson from Sight and Sound magazine. “Blade Runner was always a film that is very much about ‘now’. It shows a future that can be recognised by people, because it is based on trends that we can see around us.”

How very true.. I suggest that you read this article, you can find it here. Thanks to Textpert Alert for sending me information on the article.

Source: BBC News |UK| Thanks to Textpert Alert for sending me the info.