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The following was found while I browsed thru the newsgroup. According to this then the lost hospital scene will continue to be lost. I do hope that they have both The Directors Cut and The Original Release in this special edition set.

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>> Date: 02/04/2001
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From the March issue of Total Film…….
TF: You’ve embraced DVD with commentaries on Alien and Gladiator. What about one for Blade Runner
RS: It’s funny, I was in a slum area of Rabat recently and saw Blade Runner. It gets everywhere. I am aware that Blade Runner has been reprinted, and that there is no commentary. But I have now done the commentary and it’s about to be released, as a double box-set. There have been rumours about vast payment for my commentary, but I did it free of charge. Not a penny. I did it as a service to the film, because it’s healthy for the film business.
TF: Will there be any new cuts of the film, including the hospital visit?
RS: The hospital visit was not worth it. I revisited it and I took it out. Where we have it now with my cut, is right. The only puzzling question is when they drive off happy at the end, which I still think is bloody silly.

Source: The newsgroup.