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Alan Daniels blade runner 1 poster Most of the Blade Runner posters which you can find in the Art Gallery on this website are very beutiful, but strangely almost no one seems to know whom the artists behid these images are. One of the artists behind one of the posters are Alan Daniels, He’s the illustrator behind the “blade runner 1 poster” (The name of the poster according to his post in the guestbook). I’ve wrote him an email with some questions about the poster, I’ll update this newsbyte when I get his reply. To see more artwork from Alan Daniels, then visit Daniels and Daniels Illustration
If You have information on the artists behind any of the other Blade Runner posters or maybe You’ve done some Blade Runner artwork Yourself and want to see it posted here, then drop me an email

Source: The Los Angeles, 2019 Guestbook, Daniels and Daniels Illustration

New Design

Los Angeles, 2019 have now been visited more then 100.000 times. So, I thought I should celebrate this event by creating a new design for the website. Please, tell me what you think about the new design.
I would also like to thank each and everyone of my visitors for making this one of the most active Blade Runner websites of them all.

AFI's 100 Years – 100 Thrills

The American Film Institute will on Tuesday June 12, 2001 8:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. on CBS present their “America’s 100 most heart-pounding movies” list. You can take part and vote at AFI’s public “America’s 100 most heart-pounding movies” list.
AFI’s “100 Years… 100 Thrills” celebrates these heart-pounding movies and the artistic pulse behind them. The list will be presented on CBS, 8:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m, June 12, 2001 and the program will be hosted by Harrison Ford (Wouldnt we like to see him presenting Blade Runner with a smile ?..). The list will also be available the following day at the AFI’s website. On the website you will also find their criteria, which is considered for a movie which will be on their list.
Recognizing the subjective and historical nature of “thrills” and the cinematic techniques used to create them, AFI has compiled this ballot with the goal of being as inclusive as possible. The following criteria should be considered in all selections, including write-in candidates:
Narrative format, typically over 60 minutes in length.
English language film with significant creative and/or financial production elements from the United States.
Regardless of genre, the total adrenaline-inducing impact of a film’s artistry and craft, creating an experience that engages our bodies as well as our minds.
Films whose “thrills” stand the test of time — enlivening and enriching America’s film heritage, while inspiring contemporary artists and audiences.
So, visit their website and create your own top 10 list AND help creating the public’s top ten (Remember to vote for Blade Runner).

Source: AFI’s 100 Years.. 100 Thrills website &

The new A.I Movie

Steven Spielberg’s new movie called “A.I Artificial Intelligence” is soon here and I’m willing to bet money that this movie will win a bunch of academy awards. The movie premiere is set to June 2001 and it’s story has some similarities to Blade Runner. I urge you to find the trailer which can be found at the official “A.I” website.
Below is the plot summary from Internet Movie Database :
It’s the mid-21st century and man has developed a new type of computer that is aware of its own existence. This computer has been utilized to help man cope with the melting of the polar ice caps and the submerging of many of its coastal cities. This form of artificial intelligence has been used in robots, and one such android, a young boy (Haley Joel Osment) is about to take an emotional journey to find out if he can ever be anything more than a machine.
Summary written by

Source: A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Internet Movie Database

Official Los Angeles, 2019 Website T-shirt

Los Angeles, 2019 is proud to present our “Official Website T-shirt”. The T-shirt is 100% cotton, white Hanes® Beefy-T and it has a cool Blade Runner on the front of the t-shirt and on the back you have a picture of Gaff & Deckard in the spinner, on the picture there is the text “Los Angeles, 2019” and the website URL. The T-shirt costs $13.99, For information on how to order please go here or check out the Blade Runner shop.

Blade Runner T-Shirt

I found a really cool looking t-shirt called Decker at this online streetwear shop called The t-shirt was made by an Scottish company called “Wacky”. According to the brand Wacky has alot of movie inspired t-shirts (Scarface, Planet Of The Apes and Clint Eastwood movies just to mention a few). The t-shirt costs 299 Swedish bucks. For more information on how to order, go to

Front View
Front View

Closeup of the front logo and neck logo
Closeup of front logo and neck logo

Source: Decker t-shirt @

DVD SE Update

DVD News source #1 The Digital Bits reports the street dates for some upcomming titles on DVD. According to them the Special Edition of Blade Runner will be released sometime 2002. Here is what they say:
Word is that a number of science fiction titles are being prepped for DVD release this summer, including several Babylon 5 titles. And to celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary, look for an awesome, multi-disc Blade Runner: Special Edition in 2002 as well.
Since The Digital Bits have done an interview with the Charles de Lauzirika, supervisor the DVD section for Scott Free Productions and also has proved to be right on alot of information, I think we all can be sure that this is information is correct.

Source: The Digital Bits Rumor Mill

Desktop Wallpaper

I received an email from Marshall Wozniak with two desktop wallpapers that he made. He asked if I wanted to add them to my site. One of the wallpapers are called “Tears In Rain” and it has Roy Batty’s “I’ve seen things..” speech on it. The other wallpaper is titled “Tanhauser Gate”. Both wallpapers are awsome and looks very nice. If you want to see more of his artwork, visit his website

Tears In Rain by Etype2

Click to Download

Tanhauser Gate by Etype2

Click to Download

Source: Marshall Wozniak

False DVD Information

The news posted 02.07 regarding the Blade Runner SE DVD seems to be false, BladeZone has been in contact with Charles DeLauzirika, producer for ScottFree DVD and it turns out that the information in the march issue of Total Film is not true.
Start quote from BladeZone’s Off-World News Email:

“There has been no commentary recorded for the Blade Runner DVD and there has been no decision made as to how many discs will be released. In fact, work on BR has temporarily ceased while they work on the DVD release of Hannibal”

End quote from BladeZone’s Off-World News Email.
So, there you have it.. I belive that we will see this SE released in 2001, We might have to wait until 2002 before it’s released.

Source: BladeZone